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Joining SPAR

Soil-Plant-Atmosphere-Research (SPAR) facility provides a unique experience to graduate as well as undergraduate students interested in plant, soil, and atmosphere research. Follow the official application process given below.


1. Applicants wishing to pursue graduate study in SPAR must take the general GRE and TOEFL (where english is not the primary language).

2. Next go to the Office of Graduate Studies website. Click on the Applications

link and then select either the Graduate Domestic or Graduate International tab from the menu.

3. Fill out the application according to the instructions. In section II of the applciation, you can see:

Major field you wish to study ____________________________

Dr.K.R.Reddy is a Professor in the Department of Plant & Soil Sciences (PSS) at MSU. You must either enter "Agronomy", "Plant Science", and/or "Horticulture" to make sure that the application is directed to PSS.

4. Next to the "Major field" is the "SubSpeciality field"

Subspeciality Field ____________________________

In the subspeciality field, you can specify one of "Environmental Plant Physiology", "Crop Modeling", and/or "Remote Sensing" to ensure that Dr. Reddy receives your application. For further confirmance, you can attach a note with the applciation or email to someone in the Office of Graduate Studies indicating that you are interested in working with Dr. Reddy, if possible.

5. You can submit the application electronically or by mail to the following address:

Office of Admissions
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, MS 39762